‘Over 80% of our sales in the last four years come from referrals.’

“Whilst we are always busy sourcing the best properties across the UAE and UK, it is, without doubt, the trust our investors have on us as a company that has facilitated our growth over the last four years. During transactions we act as a full intermediate for you as a buyer, we obtain the best price and terms possible and our financial agreement sits with the developer. Trust, integrity, and knowledge are the core values that allow us to gain both the respect of the developer and the investor to help with multiple transactions across many different markets. Developers like working with us as fundamentally we truly understand how to use technology and social to attract and engage buyers of high-value properties, but just as importantly we know how to act on behalf of esteemed investors.”

Samuel Dawson
Managing Director

Samuel Dawson

In-House technology, out of this world results

Buyers in 2021 and beyond are savvy, they are digital, have unique buying habits even for things such as property and it is up to a Modern Investment Agency to truly understand this process. As an agency, we perfectly blend our love of digital marketing with luxury property, this has allowed us to find buyers for some of the leading properties in the world.

We provide a full turn-key solution to property investing for our investors, we could arrange virtual viewings to a full array of properties across different continents with just a minute’s notice, we are forward-thinking, agile and know the property investment market thoroughly

Digitally Open 24/7

Although we have premises that you can come by any time, our client’s lives aren’t 9-5 and ours certainly aren’t. We are available digitally 24/7 embracing modern communications such as Whatt’s App groups and Live Chat facilities to provide immediate response and answers to any questions you may have.

Better Communication is paramount to our business model, we operate over multiple time-zones and understand the flexibility needed for the modern world. Properties in many of our markets can now be purchases with crypto-currency and blockchain facilities. No more set hours, no more set rules.

A track record that counts

Imagery & Video
Samuel Dawson Property has exclusive contracts and accessibility to established global brands in the Real Estate Industry. We only align with the best and each developer must have a proven track record of over-delivering before we will place our expertise on the projects. Developments will be meticulously analysed through data and technological insights to allow us offer the best advice in the market. Naturally we get pre-market access, first refusal on cancelations and other benefits befitting the organisation.

What does selling with Samuel Dawson Property mean?

We want to bring a big, forward-thinking Estate Agency to our home region of Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire. We only have one marketing package and work with properties over a certain value. No expense is spared in the curation of your property’s story, the visual aids used to showcase, and the cutting-edge technology and marketing placing it in front of the correct demographic.

Dedicated Agent

Whilst technology driven, we will never lose the personal touch. We are true experts in property, experienced dilligent negotiaters and trustworthy sales representative for your most important assett.

Targeted Advertising

Our most boring features are ultimately our most important assett. Our in house technology which was developed for the worlds best developers is truly game changing in terms of Estate Agency. We place your property in front of potential buyers, at times they consume media, on the platforms they like to engage on.

Who we work with

We are very particular with the properties we market, we always have been and it has been a major contributor into the rise of the company. If we feel there is a better sutied agency we will happily inform you, but if we think we can help you, we will present and show why we are the best in the business.

Social Package

Every one of our clients, unless they do not wish, will be allocated a social budget to promote their property across all platforms. This is again targetted and not simply a ‘Pat on the back’ well-done post for getting the listing. We will spend money every day until the property is sold, placing it in front of potential buyers. Due to the spend, it is in our interest just as much as yours to acquire a quick and satisfactory sale.

Digital Marketing Meeting

If you have a luxury residential property and are considering selling your property, please contact us today. We will arrange a Digital Marketing meeting to show you how we can promote your property to achieve maximum results.

Full targeted Social Budget for all of our clients
HD Videography, Images and Walk Through Videos
Luxury Property Experts
Drone and Aerial footage where needed

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    Socially Responsible

    Having had an international presence we have always immersed ourselves and helped the local community when we could. Whether this was the Terry Fox run, fund-raisers for the local schools, or charitable donations we always aimed to be at the forefront of community change and well-being.

    Samuel Dawson Property first and foremost is here to serve the local community and our relationship with the community is of utmost importance. For the 2021 fiscal year and hopefully beyond we have agreed on a profit-share with Dougie Mac hospice. We are in awe of the generous, loving care Dougie Mac provides and anything done to help this great cause we will always rally behind. The profit share works on the basis it is un-capped, if we have a great year the donation will be much higher.